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Product launch event catering, London and UK-wide

Liven up your launch with our BBQ catering services

Professional product launch event catering services

If you’re looking for professional and high quality event catering services for your product launch, our hot coal BBQ spit roasts are a great way to inject an extra air of interest and help to make your brand stand out for all the right reasons.
Product launches aren’t just an opportunity to show off your new design and create a buzz, they’re also a great way to build brand visibility – but it’s essential to get it right. We offer full event catering support to help you make a success of your launch.
While you might think a barbecue is a little informal, we elevate the usual to the unique, creating a perfect ambience that ensures your attendees are relaxed, able to socialise/network, and presenting our food to restaurant standards.

Benefits of BBQ catering for your product launch

Apart from the enticing aroma of a traditional barbecue cooked over hot coals, using a BBQ catering service also frees up more room in your venue for products, people and promotional materials – keeping your brand prominent and without distractions from uniformed caterers.
Outdoor catering might seem counter-intuitive in the changeable British weather, but we’ve got that covered - literally - erecting gazebos to ensure that there’s no disruption to dishing up tasty treats!
We also provide as much flexibility with our catering services as we can – so if you don’t want to stick to a set menu, we can adapt our food to suit, which is great if you’re serving people with varying dietary requirements.

Your event catering options...

Our spit roasts - sourced from local, quality butchers - are always a big hit, but we also offer a wide selection of other meats, plus beautifully displayed side dishes:
  • Roast potatoes cooked in a metal cauldron pot
  • Sizzling vegetables, corn on the cob, asparagus, courgette, veg skewers, spring rolls
  • Salads such as potato, avocado, eggplant, cucumber & tomato
  • Variety of Italian pasta dishes
  • Shrimp, calamari, anchovies
  • Grilled halloumi cheese
With influences from many world cuisines and our own exclusive spice mix marinade, we’re 100% confident that your guests will find plenty to enjoy throughout your product launch event.
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London Outdoor Catering

Product launch event catering, London and beyond!

Located close to the capital but with fully equipped vans and expert teams always ready to go, we travel all over the country to provide our exceptional event catering:
  • London
  • Hertfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Bedfordshire
  • Kent
  • Essex
  • The Midlands
  • Yorkshire & the North

Launch event catering services

If you have any questions about our authentic spit roast BBQs and product launch event catering services, just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help!