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Brilliant BBQ wedding catering, London and UK-wide

Sensational spit roast catering and BBQ buffets for any-weather weddings!

Our BBQ wedding catering services

If you’re looking for something a little more informal and fun for your wedding, our BBQ catering services are perfect! Our expert chefs use a specially commissioned steel barbecue to ensure consistent quality – the only type of its kind in the UK today.
We take care of all the set-up, food, cutlery and tables – we’ll even set up gazebos in case of a spot or two of rain. Our team clean up everything afterwards, taking away any stress or hassle so you can enjoy your big day.
Alongside our authentic charcoal spit roast, rotisserie and BBQ catering, we also provide a variety of beautifully presented side dishes and all the pickles and sauces too! It’s one of the most important events in your whole lifetime, so we’ll ensure everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy every magical moment.

Wedding spit roast catering – an awesome, alternative catering option

Over recent years, many couples have started moving away from more formal and traditional wedding catering services, perhaps because a sit-down dinner with a set menu can often feel restrictive and lacking in choice.
While wedding buffets remain a popular option, it can take up room in your venue that would be better used for seating, dancing or other forms of entertainment. Plus the food is cold, and it’s completely self-serve – so the service element can feel like it’s missing.
Our BBQ wedding catering expertise ensures your guests have a wide selection of both hot and cold foods and service with a genuine smile. It also gives you the opportunity to avoid complicated seating plans if you prefer to create a more social environment to help families and friends get to know one another.
Not your average BBQ spit roast service

BBQ Catering Specialists

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As an experienced BBQ caterer, we know that our customers expect the very best – so we take the normal BBQ buffet and spit roast and fire it up with a touch of extra flair! Our dishes are presented to restaurant standards and our customer care is second-to-none.

Your BBQ wedding catering options

We can cater for wedding parties of between 30 and 500 guests, and we’ll always ensure there are enough chefs to keep the food coming at an efficient rate – nobody wants to stand there waiting with an empty plate.
We have a wide range of meats to choose from; rotisserie chicken, a lamb or pork spit roast, burgers, ribs, sausages and smoke dried meats of your choice. We’ve also developed our own unique and ultra-delicious spice mix marinade to truly tantalise your taste buds!
You can select one of our carefully devised BBQ menus, or we’re happy to develop a totally bespoke package – all that matters to us is that you have an unforgettable wedding with unforgettable, authentic BBQ food cooked over traditional hot coals!
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Spit roast BBQ wedding catering, London and beyond!

Our services are on offer to clients throughout the UK, with our close proximity to the capital making us ideal for providing clients in the following areas with our authentic spit roast and BBQ wedding catering:
  • London
  • Hertfordshire
  • Bedfordshire
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Essex
  • Kent
  • Surrey
  • Sussex

Grilliant BBQ wedding catering services

We’re happy to answer any questions regarding our authentic wedding spit roast catering and BBQ buffets – just drop us a line and we’ll be delighted to help!